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This insightful film documents the fifty-year collaboration between two revolutionary American artists, composer John Cage and choreographer Merce Cunningham. Tracing the history of their renowned and enduring joint endeavors, Cage/Cunningham explores the artistic and philosophical associations that Cage and Cunningham have had with a wide range of leading figures in the art, literary, dance and music worlds.

Elliot Caplan combines eight years of world tour footage, archival material dating back to the beginning of their careers and interviews with principal figures involved in the Cage/Cunningham collaboration. Caplan's daily contact with the subjects inspired a revealing and sensitive portrait of two men whose spirit of adventure and iconoclastic thinking helped to revolutionize life, as well as art in the twentieth century.

The Washington Post said, of Cage/Cunningham,

"One of the things that make the film remarkable is that although the ingredients are familiar from other documentaries... the tapestry that Caplan has woven from these threads is not like any you've seen before."

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