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Steel Work

Steel Work mixes dance with industrial elements which simulate dance movement and form. This film offers a unique dance for camera work through its application of non-dance elements as dance. At the core of this piece is choreography by Robert Poole which was inspired by principles of industry. Other elements include electronic manipulation of images, a steel mill, steel workers choreographed by Poole, and steel structures in New York.

Music by Philip Glass, David Bowie, Brian Eno.

Commissioned by Landestheater Linz, Steel Work was originally intended for live performance with Ballet Linz,  and the Bruckner Orchestra, conducted by Dennis Russell Davies. Choreography, Robert Poole /

Music, Philip Glass, David Bowie and Brian Eno.

Cameras were allowed in to Voestalpine to photograph the making of steel. These images were incorporated into the work.

To Be In America - earlier performance version of Steel Work

2001, DV, color/b&w/silent, 46:00.

Multi-screen theatrical performance with orchestra and ballet

To Be In America, multi-screen single-channel video with Bruckner Orchestra and Ballet Linz

Landestheater, Linz, Austria, 2001

Theatrical Stage Design by Elliot Caplan

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