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My Name Is Rainer Thompson And I've Lost It Completely


MY NAME IS RAINER THOMPSON and I've Lost It Completely
(a film about the work of Richard Foreman)

by Elliot Caplan
a production of Picture Start Films, Inc.

Acclaimed theater director, writer and designer Richard Foreman makes his new film through The Bridge Project, a co-production and collaboration with Australian artist, Sophie Haviland. Haviland and Foreman selected a number of cities worldwide in which they recorded separate films, written and recorded by both artists. "Rainer Thompson" is Foreman's most recent contribution to The Bridge Project. Filmmaker, Elliot Caplan, has enjoyed a long association with Foreman, documenting his plays for many years and working on Foreman's first film, "Strong Medicine." In this new work, the only material featured is the recorded result of Foreman working with his actors. A look in, at one of the most influential, prolific artists of our time.


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